Terms & Conditions

Term OF Use

We request you to go through this page before using this website. If you do not agree to these Term of Use, then you may not use this website. Using this website means you agree to this page written in respect of TermsOf Use. This page has been written by the experts using the legally binding terms of service. This term with the privacy policy targets both users, who visit the website not having transact business on the website and the registered users allow transacting business on the website. It seems essential to mention that company reserves the right to do any sorts of modification or rectification on its own in any portion of the website or the offered service. It is not essential to give any notice before doing this. It is mentioned here that users need to keep a close eye on the “Term Of Use” to stay updated. Third party does not hold any right; all sorts of the amendment would only be done by us.

Description of Services –

This website is doggedly engaged to access to online selling, news, pricing and other sorts of information service associate to the products displayed on the website. Some services are only for members.

Registration –

To become a member, you may register on the website. After getting registered, a list of guest checkouts will be shared along with a user account on the accomplishment of the purchase.

You have to submit some personal information to become a registered member. No need to worry about the privacy as they have been cleared already in Privacy Policy. In the name of personal information, you need to add these things like name, email, and contact number, contact address, customer verification question etc. They are used for the verification purposes.


Retail Purchase – In this section, we are going to mention that what you need to follow to purchase an item from the website as a member.

Go through the site and browse it properly to get the desired one as per your choice. It is time to add it to your shopping cart.

If you find yourself confused at any moment, then make a call to our trained consultants on +91 9023161718 to place an order. The team will get back to you within in no time.

The team members are doggedly engaged to make customers feel happy and special. And they also make you call to confirm your order. Dota Darlings will also confirm you the order only when they find that verification question is answered by the member. It is because of the security purpose.

What About The Product Availability

We are informing you that Dota Darlings does not hold its own any of the products mentioned on the website. Actually, Dota Darlings is here to order the products mentioned on the Website from third party traders and merchants after the confirmation of the order by the Member and then the order is delivered to the same to the Member. And that is why, chances increase that the availability in respect of the product is not sure. It may be available or not.

It is possible that you may come across the wrong information regarding the product availability due to system errors. Dota Darlings holds the right to correct any and all errors and company is not responsible for all this. The prices can be changed by us without any prior notice. The price you find while ordering would be applicable. The prices you find along with the products are fixed and do not come under the circumstance of negotiation. In case, you find yourself in any confusion, feel free to make a call at this number +91 9023161718  .

Refunds –

Let’s check it out what about the Refunds policy where it works or where not due to the non-availability of products.

Credit Card

The credit card holder members will get his refund in his account by Dota Darlings. The refund amount will be done in the stipulated time.

Cheque or Wire Transfer

The refund amount will be sent directly into the bank account of the member by Dota Darlings. You will get the refund within working seven days just after getting the request for refund from the member’s side.

Shipping & Delivery –

In this section, we are going to cite some essential information in respect of Shipping & Delivery. Let’s check it out.

You need to add the full name of the recipient as it has been stated in the government approved photo identification. It requires staying away from the confusion.

Delivery will be ensured by the company courier only after receiving the name and photo of the recipient. It requires ensuring the safety of the product. When the government verified phone and name is received, it plays a major role to prevent accidents.

The member also holds the option to change the shipping address. But make sure that member should introduce in respect of the changing address on the right time before the order is released. To change the shipping address, member needs to go through the website to log-in to the user account. It is time to press the “change shipping address” button situated next to the shipping address. It gives you the opportunity to change the address. It requires mentioning that the “Change Shipping Address” will remain active until the order status turn into the “Shipped”. If your order is shipped then you are not allow to change the shipping address. So, you need to be a bit careful.

All sorts of shipping charges and other local charges associate with the company. At the time of receiving delivery, member needs to be a bit careful. Do not accept the delivery if it is torn or not properly packed.

The recipient upon signing the delivery receipt indicates that the receipt of the product in the terms of the order placed with the company. The company would not be responsible for any refund or replacement coming under any circumstance for any sorts of subsequent complaints in respect of the product.

In case, if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the courier agent will try to deliver the product to you thrice. If you are not available in these three attempts, then order will be cancelled. If you call us for re-shipment of the product, then you have to pay all costs for re-shipping and handling in the case of non-delivery to member.

At the time of sharing your name and address, you need to be a bit careful to avoid mistakes/errors.